10 Things You Love About Your Shiba

  1. I love it when he smiles.
  2. I love his soft ears.
  3. I love how he rolls onto his back when he plays with a toy. He’s so catlike.
  4. I love how he practically falls over because he’s leaning so much into my hand when I scratch him behind the ears.
  5. I love it when he goes into a hunting pose, ready to pounce.
  6. I love how Loki flaps his ears like he’s flying when greets us at the door.
  7. Even though it’s frustrating, I love how he sometimes refuses to get out of bed early in the morning.
  8. I love watching him learn something new, like when he learned to get food out of a bottle.
  9. I love his look of complete shock when something is out of place, like when Christmas decorations go up.
  10. I love how befuddled he gets at inanimate animal-like objects, like stuffed animals and small garden sculptures.


BonnieAnn said...

I love when Boogie wags her tail. It's like a little cinnamon roll on her butt!

I love when she run laps so fast that she just starts to do donuts in the middle of the living room.

And (even though it's frustrating) I love how thrilled she gets when she rips the leg off one of her toys.

Wilson said...



Vi said...

bonnieann --
Yes, there are so many things we love about our dogs. Loki also runs laps, but he doesn't do donuts... he likes figure 8's & jumping on the furniture.

Ooh, wilson --
Azuki is super cute! I loved the video of the sleeping pose, especially with the tongue hanging out.

Monkey said...

My guys love when I run around the couch with my ears all back and dig in snow and jump around and how I lay down when I see a dog, and how I jump up when it is closer to greet her. They love to see me playing with other dogs, especially with my buddy, great pyrenees

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