Meet the Cavaliers

Loki, meet Ellie & Aidan.
Ellie & Aidan, meet Loki.

No, Loki, we don't welcome our friends by growling at them.

Well, all right, you can sniff their butts. I suppose that's an acceptable way of greeting our guests.

While visiting my parents this past weekend, Loki got to meet two Cavaliers. All of us humans were on high alert for the first 10 - 15 minutes, since Loki growled quite a bit in the beginning. Yun was especially good about controlling Loki and holding on to him when necessary. In due time, Loki accepted our two furry guests and happily sniffed them all over.

1 comment:

Masako said...

Hi Loki~

Winnie loves Cavaliers, too! Looks like your adapting to your new surroundings. Glad to hear you're making some new friends.

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