Buying a house for a dog

Tonight, we went to a home buying class. Slide # 5 of 73 said:

Why Buy
  • You want deep roots
  • You're going to stay put
  • You want a home unavailable for rent
  • You want creative control
  • Your home is your castle
  • You're handy
  • You want to accumulate equity
  • You have a dog

What? "You have a dog"? Who buys a house for a dog? Oh, right, we do.


Wilson said...

Our list is same as yours, the only difference is our order is upside down ;)

Vi said...

Yeah, I didn't come up with this order. It was just what was on the presentation slide from the 'Home Buying Class'.

We too have dog & to build equity as our top reasons for buying.

Linda said... funny! We recently adopted a shiba inu and named her Mochi. My boyfriend and I were joking that since we have a dog now, all we need is a house. LOL!

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