Loki at the laptop

Hi to all my faithful blog readers,

I'm taking over this blog today. This past weekend, I had to ride in the car for a very, very long time. Then we arrived at a wonderful house. It's so much larger than our previous house, and it had a very large yard. I approve.

The only problem with this new place was a funny looking creature, called a cat. I tried to sniff it all over, but it didn't seem to like that very much. He hissed at me.

We were mostly kept separated, but we still had staring contests through the screen door. Can you spot my two little ears in this photo?

Then, when no one was looking, I gobbled up all of the cat's food. That'll show the cat to hiss at me. Yummy in my tummy!

Signing off,


Linda said...

That is so cute! I just got a Shiba Inu myself over the weekend. Her name is Mochi. :) I love your post, Loki! :D

Wilson said...

LOL My Azuki will not only eat the food, but probably will try to gobble up the cat as well :)

Anonymous said...

OH that was so funny and cute!!

Mika said...

Way to go on showing the cat who's boss! Nothing like eating their food.

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