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Dear Shiba Breeder,

My husband and I are looking to adopt a young adult shiba. We currently have one neutered male, named Loki, who is a year and 9 months old. We are looking to add a second shiba to our household and hope to get one between the ages of 6 months - 3 years. We want a young dog, but do not have the time for potty training. We got Loki as a puppy and I fully understand the time committment needed to potty train a puppy. Back then, I was a student and had the time, but now I work full-time.

I figure that breeders might have such young adult dogs available for adoption if the puppies were kept as show potential dogs, but did not necessarily grow up to be of show quality.

Please let me know if you have any dogs available or if you can refer me to other responsible breeders who might have such dogs available for adoption. My husband and I live in the Washington DC metro area. Thank you!




Jen said...

good luck finding a shiba!
have you checked out petfinder?

OH! and just a word to the wise, sometimes adult breeder dogs have a bit of a socialization issue, meaning they just need to be reintroduced to a great many things, especially people, places, sounds, objects. But I'm sure you'll find a shiba perfect for your home. There are many out there!

Chibi And Sumo said...


Chibi has been a much happier dog since Sumo has arrived :)

2 shibas are better than 1, they can eat/poop/destroy 2x as many things in the same amount of time and space ;)

Masako said...


We wish you the best of luck in your search. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for a good playmate!

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