Do your dogs beg at the table?

Ours do! Although begging is thought to be terribly bad dog manners, Yun seems to love the begging. In fact, when Jujube came to us, she never begged. She didn't know the first thing about it. Yun quickly taught her to stare up at us with big cute eyes. Now she's a first class begger, just like Loki. Neither of them are obnoxious about it. They sit up real pretty and give us their cutest looks. They don't really whine. I am much more against the idea of begging, but I've accepted the fact that Yun loves it. He thinks that it's a "natural" behavior. And by "natural", he just means that throughout most of dogs' existence with humans, they have begged for our scraps. They are scavengers. We don't really feed the dogs our scraps. We just give them little morsels of yummy food. My mother and mother-in-law would be the types to truly feed the dogs human scraps; that is, their food would consist of everything that we humans didn't consume after a meal. Doesn't seem very healthy, does it? We don't do that. We just give little bits of meat or veggies from our bowls. Not a meal, just a treat.


Susan said...

No, my Shiba mix Bandit doesn't beg because I never feed her from the table. But she does kind of hang around in the same room waiting for the end of the meal. Sometimes I do give her tidbits in her dish when I'm done.

You should see her when I cook meat or fish! If I open a can of tuna to make a sandwich, she freaks out.

K9Trainer said...

I guess this depends on your definition of "begging." My definition of begging is doing something to cause attention to be drawn away from eating and to the dog.

Some people feel that just a dog being in the same room in which people are eating must be begging, unless it is asleep.

According to my definition, Kitsune does not beg, although he does sit in the same room and watch us. He never makes a noise, he never paws at us or otherwise makes a bid for attention that means, "I want what you have."

Susan said...

I guess my definition of begging is making noise to attract attention. If Bandit is silent, it's OK.

The Shiba said...

No food from the table- EVAH!

Cortez lies down as we eat; Belle stares at us in expectation.

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