Jujube is sick

We got a call from our dog walker today. Jujube is really sick. She's been vomiting, having diarrhea, and shaking. Yun is taking her to the vet now.

She seemed fine when we left for work this morning. She must have gotten into something. She eats practically anything and everything. I've given her cardboard before to play with, and she just ate it. (Loki, on the other hand, plays with cardboard and doesn't eat it.) Did she eat the Christmas tree? Did she get into the garbage? I don't know!

Poor girl!

Of course we're going to pay for all the diagnostic tools, like x-ray and blood work, but my gosh, it's expensive!!! It's running into the hundreds of dollars. I hope that the vet has something useful to say. It'll suck if he can't find anything after all that money.

In any case, I hope that she gets better soon.


Xarien said...

$420 later and no results from diagnostics :/.

jen said...

oh no!

One week Kitsu had horrible squirts, vomiting and was shaking. We ended up feeding him plain chicken & pumpkin for a week after and the vet gave him something called diarsenyl or something, like a paste, to bind the GI system so he wouldn't become dehydrated.

I never found out what he ate, but it was one heck of a messy week.

I hope you get some answers! Hang in there Juju!

Anonymous said...

Oh no. I hope Juju will be ok. Please keep us posted.

K9Trainer said...


Get well soon, Juju.

Judy Whitton said...

I hope she is better soon! That sounds like Sami when she had Pancreatitis. Along with those symptoms, she would suck her stomach up, kind of giving her a camel back look. The first time she did that, I thought she was just protesting me putting her harness on. But, it was just a sign that her stomach hurt. Please keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

I hope it's just something mild. =(

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