Canine Personality

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According to
Loki is a

SBH - Adventurer

Your dog is a Spontaneous, Beta and High Activity type which we call the Adventurer. The Adventurer regularly challenges the social order, routine and environmental orderliness. It constantly searches for new social and environmental standards. It is highly competitive with plenty of energy and a playful spirit but not great at group activities.

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Ellie & Jasmine said...

I think Aidan looks bigger because he is standing on the higher part of the seat and is standing slightly more toward the camera and overlapping Ellie a little. He has grown since he arrived but he isn't as big as her and when you see them in person if they are the same way still you'll see the size difference. Ellie is 16 lbs Aidan is 11 lbs so the difference is there. We shall see if he fills in more though as he grows.

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