Graduation Day

After 8 weeks of Puppy Class, today was Graduation! Graduation was lots of fun. Today we had 3 dogs in class. Actually, we normally had only three dogs in class: Bailey, Kimber, and Loki. But Kimber couldn't make it to graduation and another dog, Gunter, from the Tuesday classes joined us this Saturday morning.

We started with a review of basic commands: sit, down, stay, target, heel, let's go, and recall.

Here is Loki, obviously, not paying attention to Yun.

Here is Gunter, a Golden Retriever puppy... approximately 8 months old.

Ooh! Look at Loki in a perfect heel position.

After a review session, Loki & Bailey competed in a bunch of games. Bailey beat out Loki on quickest down, but Loki won on longest stay and most targets in a row.

Then we played Simon Says. I failed miserably! Yun tried to help me out by yelling at me every time that Simon didn't say so. But still, I was pretty pathetic. In fact, I think there was only one time that I caught myself in time. All other times I either messed up or I relied on Yun to yell at me.

Since I failed so miserably at Simon Says, I handed the leash over to Yun for the next game - Red light, Green light. Here is the Puppy Class instructor, Heather O'Neill, giving the signals. Obviously, you go forward on green light, and stop on red. But the trick was your dog had to sit within 3 seconds of a red light. You got a prize once you reached the end line, but if your dog didn't sit within 3 seconds of a red light, you had to go all the way back to the starting line. Yun decided to be really smart and go super fast on the green light, accidentally spilling all of the dog treats from his treat bag along the way. This meant, there was no way Loki was going to sit on a red light! With all those yummy treats on the ground, Loki had to sniff all of those out.

Ooh! Here we go! Both dogs are in a beautiful sit!

Look at all the goodies!

Here's Loki's pile of goodies. Actually, we got more stuff than this picture. This was his pile of prizes.
At the end of class, we got a chance to redeem our Bonus Bones. Bonus Bones was a point system used throughout the 8 week course to promote class participation from the humans. With our 85 Bonus Bones, we selected two 14 oz. bags of Natural Balance treats, two plush/squeaky toys, and a pig skin bone.

Today was so much fun! I love free stuff! And I certainly wasn't expecting to be getting this much. Now, we don't have to buy treats for Loki for quite a long time! And we have more toys now to rotate for him. (He only gets around 4-6 toys at a time, and we try to rotate the toys every few weeks.)

What a fun morning!

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