Problem Solving

Most dog owners are familiar with Kong toys as a good mental challenge for dogs. When we first gave Loki a puppy Kong, he didn't quite know what to do with it. Well, he was only like 8 weeks old at the time. Eventually, he caught on and now it isn't much of a challenge anymore.

For a new challenge, I put some kibble in a water bottle and see if he could figure how to get it out. It took him a day or two to figure out. The first day, he didn't know what to do with it and gave up quickly. But I just left the bottle on the floor for him. Then one evening without any coaxing, he figured it out. He actually got pretty good at getting all of the kibble out. However, it didn't take long before he just decided to start to chew the entire bottle up! At that point, I had to take the bottle away from him lest he eat bits of plastic. Yum yum plastic!

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2shibas said...

What a smart boy! And so handsome! : )

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