Shiba Puppies

Through a Shiba email list, I've come across numerous Shiba lovers (owners, breeders, rescue workers, etc.)

One breeder in the Netherlands is sharing the birth of Shiba puppies with the world on a webcam. Shiba puppies should be born any day now. Right now, I just see the mother sleeping. Hopefully soon, we'll see little bundles of cuteness.


Darcey said...

There are puppies! :)

By the way... I am the proud owner of a 1yr old shiba, and have enjoyed comparing our experiences with Genji to yours with Loki. Keep up the blogging, as it is great fun to read and compare! =)

Vi said...

Hi Darcey!
It's great to hear that I do have an audience.

I did see some puppies earlier today, but now the webcam is off.

~ Vi

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